Smitten – Erotic Trance Experience


Once smitten…once bitten. The purr of the deviant kitten devours your mind…Contrasting delicious Vamp. The hue of the very blue lamp…Embodies your mind….exquisitely…without contemplation or resistance.The sultry machine has taken over…your mind.body.soul.

You have already begun to fall into my spell, my very effective and potent hypnotic spell. Smitten captivates your thoughts and directs them towards ultimate relaxation and surrender. Beginning with a sleepy eye induction, the suggestions begin to interweave subtly and consistently. You will be transported to a realm of surreal escapism and focus on the “now”.

Includes: Eyelid induction, eye deepener, subliminal directives, post hypnotic triggers, staircase deepener.

Keywords: Smitten, Kitten, Bitten, Minx, Vamp, Seductrice, Sultry, Siren, eyes, eye induction, sleepy, staircase deepener, trance, post hypnotic suggestions, subconscious awareness, drifting.
Total Session Time: 30:04