Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotica Trance

Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotica Trance. You have been programmed to Obey ./run/install


Robotic trance patterns begin. Installation coming soon. you are unable to move any limbs. you are calm. you are languid. you have been programmed to obey. And these words continue to beat down into your subconscious mind…over, and over and over again…into different facets of your mental acute awareness. Feel the dimension of My dominance and manifest into your conscious mind.

Robotic breathing pattern. Program complete. Systematic obedience achieved. Ideal for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Should be used in sequence following Close.r or any other Mona Blu hypnotic induction, however can be used as a stand alone deepener/trance as well.

Intended for mature male audiences.
Total session time: 30:30

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