Pillow Talk – Lucid Dream Sequencing

By May 20, 2016Uncategorized

Lucid dream programming, erotic dream visualization, and sleep relaxation sequencing. “With each breath you take, feel your body relaxing. With each moment that passes, feel your thoughts dripping…Conscious moments slip…drip right out of existence . My words embodying your ideas with meticulous consistence ” Pillow Talk Lucid Dream Sequencing fantasy.

Come, follow My voice into a realm that only you and I share. Deliciously crafted to put you into a erotic dream world, Mona Blu embeds sexy and alluring suggestions for erotic dream manifestations within your thoughts. Trigger words are sprinkled throughout the relaxing and mesmerizing conditioning sequence to allow for the ultimate climate for dream and sleep oriented orgasmic pleasure.

Includes 2 deepening full body relaxation sequencing, finger snapping, room spinning techniques and full body floating visualizations. Lucid dream programming is in full effect.

Total session time: 31 minutes.