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This month, I have an opening for ONE custom recording – all other slots have been reserved. If you are interested in creating a custom session, please email Me FIRST to discuss your session experience.

And a reminder – less than one week to purchase $30 submission trance recordings!!
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And lastly, another photo :)

The weather is warm, and the inspiration delightful!! I am seeking some new grounds to play on! xoxo!

Greetings! I am back in Los Angeles, after spending a month in the South of France. I am inspired, renewed and feeling amazing! I am now taking on 2 more custom recording projects for June, but as always, please send in your requests directly to monablu at to reserve your spot. I do look forward to hypnotizing you all very soon! xoxo

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Dear pets –

I have been super busy for the last 6 weeks or so working on a brand new website!!! The New site should be launched by early Summer 2013. With the new site, you will be emailed your link to download your recording immediately, the points and reward system will be back, and to celebrate, I will have an entire new collection of fantastic hypnotic recordings.

A NEW newsletter function will be offering exclusive savings and promotional items and first opportunities for custom recordings!


To celebrate NOW, please enjoy $5.oo off ANY recording right now at the store. Simply enter SPRING13 at checkout.

I do wish you an enchanted evening!!

Mona Blu

Erotic artist and writer Mona Blu is located in Los Angeles, California. With a love for deep mysticism, romantic and alternative variations of visual and audio art, I am pleased to bring you a small selection of some of my art in forms of written, visual and audio alternative erotica and alluring visual practices.

I indulge in the relaxation of the mind and senses to allow for a deeper consciousness to naturally happen, while providing an environment of meditative fantasy, hypnotic fiction and overall relaxation and wellness by provoking thought, mysticism, allure and seduction. I do hope you enjoy this platform! xoxo Mona Blu.

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