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It’s the beginning of a new season, and I am giving you $5 to use towards ANY hypnosis mp3 from http://www.bluehypnosis including packages, new recordings or discount vouchers!! Let’s enjoy the new season with smooth relaxation and submission :)

Simply use code SPRING13 at checkout.

I do wish you an enchanted evening!

There will be many exciting changes coming this spring – a new store, a new members area located at HypnosisLounge which will also be running on a new platform, with options to buy those previously unreleased recordings, and new options for custom hypnosis. I am rather excited, and cannot wait to start launching the new products, once My voice is back to full strength!

In the meantime, thank you to the latex slave for the french honey! I am drinking lots of tea and honey to get My voice back!


Exactly 1 day after My first anti-viral dosage for this flu, I was feeling a million times better!! I am up and about now, and actually feeling much more energy and My mood is good! I attempted to record some of My scripts that I have been working on during My bed resting time, and found that I can only record about 10 minutes total before My voice starts to crack and get tired. I guess it will take a bit more tea and honey to get it back strong as it once was. I am grateful though to be working on My art again!!

I’ve added some tea and honey to My amazon wishlist if you are so inclined towards My vocal healing :)

I cannot believe how the flu has robbed Me of a good solid 6 weeks now!! All week I have been in bed and under the care of a physician. Hopefully now with this fresh strand of antiviral medications I will be able to get some energy back to return to work…or at the very least get out of the bed! Arrrrggghh!! :(

As the new year continues, I continue to battle either colds, sinus infections or allergies. Not good for a Goddess who uses the vocal chords on a daily basis!! :(

Mona Blu

Erotic artist and writer Mona Blu is located in Los Angeles, California. With a love for deep mysticism, romantic and alternative variations of visual and audio art, I am pleased to bring you a small selection of some of my art in forms of written, visual and audio alternative erotica and alluring visual practices.

I indulge in the relaxation of the mind and senses to allow for a deeper consciousness to naturally happen, while providing an environment of meditative fantasy, hypnotic fiction and overall relaxation and wellness by provoking thought, mysticism, allure and seduction. I do hope you enjoy this platform! xoxo Mona Blu.

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