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Doesn’t it seem that the storm hits all at the same time?? Not only did I get bronchitis, but now I have a fatigued voice, which puts My creativity on slow motion!! It is a result of being sick, and the Dr says that it will take time to get it back strong again. In the meantime, I am recording in small sections at a time, as much as My voice will allow, and also trying to upgrade My store, which is why some of you are getting repeat or archived receipts.

Soon, all will be calm again, and business back to usual….in the meantime, TAKE COVER??? :)


I am in the process of installing new software for the BlueHypnosis Boutique. As part of the process, the software is generating and sending notifications to a select group of customers to test delivery.
I do apologize for the confusion, no charges are being made, additionally I use a very secure authorized third party merchant account so I can assure you that your information is not being compromised. Please disregard any additional notifications that may arrive, as they are duplicates that may have gotten stuck in the old system.
I do wish you an enchanted evening!

I can hear My voice coming back, it is scratchy and it gets tired, but it is on it’s way back! I am very excited as I have a plethora of scripts to record as soon as I can speak fluidly again. It shall be a lovely month full of Valentine trance!!!


First of all, I want to thank the pattycat and the redlatex slave, and the bobcat for their contributions towards My new laptop…I was able to purchase it, and it is on its way and will be here by the 15th, just in time for My valentines’ day present :)

Also, Frankie has purchased a pink laptop case which will make it look like candy. Lovely!

On the bad side, I have been without my voice now for almost 2 weeks, I had been fighting off a cold for that whole time, and yesterday it finally got me! I have been sick in bed for 2 whole days now, feeling like I have been run over by a semi truck. Horrible!

What makes it even worse, is that I have these fantastic scripts to record, with no voice! BLAH!

ok well, stay tuned for more….xoxox

Mona Blu

Acknowledging both titles “Mistress” and “Goddess”, I appreciate cultured diversity, etiquette and a flair for deviant yet creative experiences.

Holding both an undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree in the arenas of Art History and Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology, it is no surprise that My choice scenes include varied aspects of Psychological Bondage, specializing in consensual hypnosis. mind control games, psycho-drama and various elements of behavior modification inclusive of vast arrays of humiliation techniques.

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