Back in the USA

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Greetings! I am back in Los Angeles, after spending a month in the South of France. I am inspired, renewed and feeling amazing! I am now taking on 2 more custom recording projects for June, but as always, please send in your requests directly to monablu at to reserve your spot. I do look forward to hypnotizing you all very soon! xoxo

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Dear pets –

I have been super busy for the last 6 weeks or so working on a brand new website!!! The New site should be launched by early Summer 2013. With the new site, you will be emailed your link to download your recording immediately, the points and reward system will be back, and to celebrate, I will have an entire new collection of fantastic hypnotic recordings.

A NEW newsletter function will be offering exclusive savings and promotional items and first opportunities for custom recordings!


To celebrate NOW, please enjoy $5.oo off ANY recording right now at the store. Simply enter SPRING13 at checkout.

I do wish you an enchanted evening!!

Spring Fling!

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I am in the mood to do some springtime shopping to get a new wardrobe. Who would like to sponsor that? I will be generous and perhaps exchange with a custom exclusive hypnotic video. 🙂


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Latex dream supreme….The tightly fitted latex catsuit gleems in this hypnotic fantasy trance where obedience, visualization and relaxation meet.  “the latex pants, so tight and fitted. hugging on to every curve. every single dangerous curve that moves, the leather surround moves along…tightly, snuggly, seductively. you belong to this trance. you belong to the hypnotic element of the latex sublime…” CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!


 total session time: 30 minutes
keywords: hypnotic trance, rubber, catsuit, latex, arousal, euphoria, release, obedience

Enjoy $5 Off!

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It’s the beginning of a new season, and I am giving you $5 to use towards ANY hypnosis mp3 from http://www.bluehypnosis including packages, new recordings or discount vouchers!! Let’s enjoy the new season with smooth relaxation and submission 🙂

Simply use code SPRING13 at checkout.

I do wish you an enchanted evening!

The Latest and Greatest

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There will be many exciting changes coming this spring – a new store, a new members area located at HypnosisLounge which will also be running on a new platform, with options to buy those previously unreleased recordings, and new options for custom hypnosis. I am rather excited, and cannot wait to start launching the new products, once My voice is back to full strength!

In the meantime, thank you to the latex slave for the french honey! I am drinking lots of tea and honey to get My voice back!



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Exactly 1 day after My first anti-viral dosage for this flu, I was feeling a million times better!! I am up and about now, and actually feeling much more energy and My mood is good! I attempted to record some of My scripts that I have been working on during My bed resting time, and found that I can only record about 10 minutes total before My voice starts to crack and get tired. I guess it will take a bit more tea and honey to get it back strong as it once was. I am grateful though to be working on My art again!!

I’ve added some tea and honey to My amazon wishlist if you are so inclined towards My vocal healing 🙂


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I cannot believe how the flu has robbed Me of a good solid 6 weeks now!! All week I have been in bed and under the care of a physician. Hopefully now with this fresh strand of antiviral medications I will be able to get some energy back to return to work…or at the very least get out of the bed! Arrrrggghh!! 🙁