Holiday Sensual Hypnosis

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“it is almost as if you can feel the soft silky skin against your thoughts…you ache yet relax lust, desire, pleasure…the holiday season is one of pure joy. Enjoy this pure bliss as we prepare to end the year and embark on a new journey together…the time is right, the feeling is secure and the enjoyment for both of us to share”

Total session time: 30 minutes

This recording is only available as part of My Holiday Gift Exchange project.
Please email Me directly to notify Me of what gift you purchased, and I will arrange for a manual delivery of this recording.

Holiday Hypnosis Gift Exchange 2010

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I will be finalizing a very exclusive holiday themed submissive conditioning hypnosis recording by the name “Mesmerized by Mona” this thursday.

THE ONLY WAY you can obtain this recording is by sending a gift from My wishlist located here  as a fun way for us to have a nice little holiday gift exchange, and I can put presents under My tree from ALL my devoted fans. I look forward to this fun project!!

Please contact Me directly to ask permission for what gift you would like to tribute!

Happy Holidays & I wish you an enchanted evening!!
Mona Blu

RIP toe-slave

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one of My very devoted toe-slaves has passed, and I wanted to take a moment to honor his memory, and smile at all the lovely foot-time we had together!! you will be missed! xoxo