The Goddess Moon Collective – Shamanista Audio Meditative Experience

By May 9, 2016Erotic Hypnosis

Shamanista- A New Recording in My upcoming collection The Goddess Moon Collective” that is now being created. It is only available on the Niteflirt network, OR contact me directly for a purchase order link and delivery personally. Please send tribute prior to requesting a personalized link, it makes things much more interesting 😉

Purchase on the NiteFlirt Network here:

Description: Time distortion, Goddess Worship and complete numbinous trance. Complete loss of control, tribal time distortion and subconscious submission to the Goddess casting this tribal spell, experience a complete body trance, as I slip MY voice into your unconscious mind, as you float in bliss. Guided affirmation to eliminate control issues, repetitive meditative surrender. Embrace submissive peace and learning into the higher self. Supreme subliminal submissive permissions granted. Tribal drumming and subliminal submissive conditioning with Mona Blu. Total time: 26:11