Dazzling Custom Recordings

By May 22, 2016Blu Blog

I have studio time scheduled for early next week to record. If you would like to get a custom session recorded (30 minutes, custom themes, 4 layers and your own personal masterpiece) please contact Me directly.


Greetings from Hypnotic Goddess Mona Blu

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening…and have taken appreciation of some of My Saturday Night Special packets that have gone out. If you have not noticed, I have been slowly re-releasing some of My archived curated libraries of mystical hypnotic recordings. You can browse the available mp3 downloadable files here. 

I am taking reservations for custom recordings – please contact Me directly for details.

I have re-released a few of My favorites this week:

Pillow Talk – Lucid Dream Control > View Description & Artwork
Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotic > View Description & Artwork
Wicked Woman : Mata Hari > View Description + FREE SAMPLE
Snake Charmer v1 + v2 > View Description & Artwork
Rubber Restriction Sensationalism > View + FREE SAMPLE
Lovely – Femme Conditioning > View Description
Forbidden Fruit > View Description & Artwork
Shamanista – Goddess Moon Collective > View PIC + Description
Submissive Surrender > View Description
small boi club > View Description
KINK > View Description
Femme Fatale > View Description
Scent of a Woman > View Description + PIC
Busty Bimbos > View Description & Artwork
Buxom – Busty Cuckold Erotica > View Description + PIC
Love Latex Fantasy > View Description

I do wish you an enchanted evening!

Mona Blu
Hypnotic Goddess Extraordinaire