Cuckold Fantasies

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BUXOM! 2 erotic, kinky hypnotic sessions, 50 minutes of kinky conditioning…a hot wife with big tits bouncing around for other men, but you the sissy is resorted to cleaning your own little precum because you don’t have enough to jizz on her huge tits – but OTHER men do! Why is she wearing those tiny sport bras to the gym? Not for you!

This package is only available via Niteflirt, however, to gain access to My entire cuckold collection, please contact me directly for a free password. xoxo!


The Succubus

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Demonic divinity…as I continue on this creative path and complete the Succubus recording tomorrow, I have been enthralled with reading different pieces of fiction. This one I find most delight in:

“Look at Me,” now a whisper.

“Yes, Miss.”

“Don’t stop looking at Me.”

“Yes, Miss.

The first bite was to my lower lip, soft at first, but then harder and still harder, nearly drawing blood.  i kept looking into Her eyes, flashing with lust and joy.  She ran her tongue over the marks She made, letting a drop of saliva trickle off the bottom of my lip.  i kept looking into Her eyes.  She fixed her mouth to my neck, sucking slowly i imagined the bruise it would leave and how proudly i’d wear it.  i cheated and closed my eyes as She dipped to taste my neck, my chest, Her tongue leaving warm, wet trails on my skin that cooled and burned at the same time.  i couldn’t control my breathing:  one breath deep and full, the next short and ragged, the next just an empty gasp as She found some new spot, some new chink in my everyday armor, some new portal to access my heart and my soul.  i couldn’t control anything…all i could do was fall…fall…fall…

The author has the entire story posted here.

It reminds Me of the Wicked Women series of My hypnotic fictional tales such as Viola, The Snake Charmer Series or the Charmed Nightmare series. Oh! And of course, Jezebel!

The Fantasy and the Role Play

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With a constantly evolving environment based on political stratification, trends, involvement and sexual intrigue always seem to get lumped together. I create fantasy based role play audio recordings for sensual sensations and fantasy that allows for deep rooted pleasure. I do hope that My sharing My art with you has been enjoyable as well! In the very near future, I will begin to delve into the realm of narrative storytelling, as the oversaturation of low quality and risky hypno-dommes begins to taint My art by mere association. I have always prided Myself for creating holistic, safe and pleasant role playing scenarios for entertainment purposes and enjoy the interaction that I have with My fans.

With that being said, I feel an artistic need to start a transition into a more narrative, creative and indulgent direction towards audio fiction, erotica of sorts, to explore some new fetishes, some new scenarios and to tell some very vivid and sensual stories.

Recently while on a trip, I purchased an audiobook to listen to on the plane. The description of the story was intriguing and relaxing, and I was delighted to discover that the woman’s voice was pleasant and soothing as she narrated a vanilla based story of history and romance. I thought to myself, ‘wow’ this is fantastic. I wish that the content was a little bit more deviant, a little bit more risque, a little bit more mysterious….and what resulted from that is a new interest in a creative outlet. Currently I am working on a series of recordings called Wicked Women. I have a few hypnotic tales of intrigue already posted, such as Charmed Nightmare and Mata Hari, and of course, the entire Snake Charmer Series. My new releases will be available on and a few other audio outlets.

I highly suggest you subscribe to the mailing list to be notified of all new and exciting evolutions….this will be a highly creative year!
Mona Blu

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Remastered Release – Goddess Reign

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Digitally re-mastered re-release of a fantastic erotic hypnosis trance with tribal fusion to absolutely lose yourself to! Queen Supreme, La Reigna Latina Mona Blu. Goddess Reign fusing historical elements of Santeria, simple spell casting, Female adoration and worship towards a submissive trance will certainly leave you feeling relaxed, submissive and responsive. Countdowns, numeric symbology and female illusions bring you closer to Me, your spirit connective.

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