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I have a couple of fun things to share with you…but first, how ARE you? I am currently trying to save money for a new computer so that I can continue to create amazing mesmerizing art. I have almost half of the funds needed!

I also have a gorgeous necklace to share with you that a lovely fan sent in. It is quite amazing, I do think!

And lastly, I have re-released Delicious Powerless on BlueHypnosis. I do hope you explore it, as it is quite luxurious.


Seductive Shoes

It really makes MY day when I get gifts!!! I feel so feminine and divine…its a feeling unlike no other. Here is a view from My eyes of the seductive black pumps that markiepoo just gifted Me, and I must say, I feel fantastic! Thank you poo!

Love Laced

A true Goddess Worship essential for the admirer of lacy, sheer and form fitting negligee and lingerie on a sultry and seductive Woman.

Visual hypnotic lure takes you to a deliciously secret boudoir, witnessing a mysterious enchantress doting on Her femininity. Alluring, elegant and classically intertwined with hypnotic word play, eroticism and eloquent subtle messaging. Intensive submissive character motivation is strongly suggestive.

An allure to lace and sheer materials should awaken within just a few sessions completed. Simply divine!
Check out more and purchase your copy here. 

I am curious as to if a Snake Charmer 5 should be created. Very curious. So curious in fact, that I am accepting sponsorships to create it. Please let Me know if you would like to contribute via tribute to sponsoring this artistic creation!! xoxo MB

I have added a selection of the most divine warm weather dresses and sandals on My wishlist…I DO SO love receiving gifts, it makes Me feel beautiful, pretty and feminine! All the dresses and sandals are priced quite affordably too, so that you can contribute to My new wardrobe for this season, and perhaps fuel some inspiration for new art. I am feeling neglected as of late, and wish to turn that around….do enjoy your visit to My wishlist and let’s build my wardrobe and imagination together! xoxo

Visit My Amazon Wishlist here/.

Mona Blu

Erotic artist and writer Mona Blu is located in Los Angeles, California. With a love for deep mysticism, romantic and alternative variations of visual and audio art, I am pleased to bring you a small selection of some of my art in forms of written, visual and audio alternative erotica and alluring visual practices.

I indulge in the relaxation of the mind and senses to allow for a deeper consciousness to naturally happen, while providing an environment of meditative fantasy, hypnotic fiction and overall relaxation and wellness by provoking thought, mysticism, allure and seduction. I do hope you enjoy this platform! xoxo Mona Blu.

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