Mysterious Goddess – Melt with Me.

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With Enormous Mesmerizing Breasts….hard nipples, the Mysterious Goddess 2 – Intensive Hypnotic Fantasy with Mona Blu. Cum Melt with Me…give me your mind.

The more aroused you become, the more subdued you are…and the deeper into trance, the more aroused you become…

The erotically sensual journey continues as the Mysterious Goddess (part 1) comes home with you and shares with you Her “favorite” website. The trance begins as the arousal consumes you. The more aroused you become, the deeper into trance you slip….and the more hypnotized you become, the more aroused you are, until you simply cannot hide the physical tell-tale signs of being completely turned on! Includes post hypnotic suggestions in the realm of hypnotic orgasms.

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The Bellydancer

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Just released, this erotic trancelike fantasy tale oozes with sexy tease and denial…With undertones of sensual humiliation fantasy, Goddess Worship and ethnic ambiance, The Bellydancer is sure to have you throbbing. And She knows this!

Tantalizingly large bouncing breasts, a perfect belly button, curvatiously mesmerizingly humilating…it’s almost as if your arousal cannot be contained within your pants.

total session time: 30 minutes


Busty Sensual Erotica Trance Trilogy Pack

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It’s Friday Night – And what better way to kick off the weekend than a 3-some…that is 3 full length sensual erotica session trilogy. Almost 2 hours of huge breasted fantasy to envelope your mind. I’m throwing in added Euphoria to this package of big titty fantasy. Included in this pack is the original Breast Fetish Worship Pack, as well as a Cleavage Focus Trance Session named Busty Euphoria. How is that for a friday night special?

3 Full Length Busty Trance mp3 recordings for $55. limited time!


Kinky Trance…Weak to My Wrath. Weak to My Legs, Shoes, toes. Weak to Big Ass

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NEW! The deeper you fall into my spell, smoothly, My voice wraps into your mind and embeds fetishes of My voluptuous ass, curvy legs, toes and high heels. Dulcet, peaceful and restful tones allow these kinky thoughts to resonate deeply into your fantasy induced mind. Fall sleepy in this smooth, melodic gorgeous trance. Jewel tones and fluttering effects permeate the pleasure zones.

and on instagram @goddessmonablu
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Erotica Hypnotic Experience with FemDom Goddess Mona Blu

She makes you feel weak…the longer you look, the more intensely you feel, the lighter you feel…the deeper you breathe, the more relaxing you feel, the intensity of the trance begins to consume you, taking you into seclusion into her world…her wishes, her desires become most important…and you feel a need to provide. your pleasure results from her satisfaction. your existence at this very moment is to bring her to full fruition…Jezebel owns you. jezebel consumes you…and you cannot…will not, choose not to fight it.

Total Session Time: 30 minutes

Keywords: Sensual induction, subliminal trance, beauty, manipulation, weak to beauty, satisfaction, pleasure, owned, consumed, hypnosis, seductive, powerful

Maya Goddess of Illusion

Maya – Lucid Dreaming & The Goddess of Illusion

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Lucid Dream Sequence…Initiated.

You’ve already accepted the sedative and tranquil serenity of this hypnotic trance.

Maya is the principal manifestation of perpetuating illusion, dream duality and reality. Illusions of the submissive essence permeate throughout your very core. Every single cell of your hypnotized body feels illuminated, and you may be very much aware that you are…in fact…dreaming.

Includes a full body and deep relaxation sequence, visual induction, metaphoric deepener and intensive dream sequence pattern embedding.

Total session time: 36 minutes

keywords: illusion, maya, reality, dreamscape, lucid dreaming, illuminated, dream sequencing, wet dream, sensations, hypnotic dream trance, submissive.


Smitten – Erotic Trance Experience

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Once smitten…once bitten. The purr of the deviant kitten devours your mind…Contrasting delicious Vamp. The hue of the very blue lamp…Embodies your mind….exquisitely…without contemplation or resistance.The sultry machine has taken over…your mind.body.soul.

You have already begun to fall into my spell, my very effective and potent hypnotic spell. Smitten captivates your thoughts and directs them towards ultimate relaxation and surrender. Beginning with a sleepy eye induction, the suggestions begin to interweave subtly and consistently. You will be transported to a realm of surreal escapism and focus on the “now”.

Includes: Eyelid induction, eye deepener, subliminal directives, post hypnotic triggers, staircase deepener.

Keywords: Smitten, Kitten, Bitten, Minx, Vamp, Seductrice, Sultry, Siren, eyes, eye induction, sleepy, staircase deepener, trance, post hypnotic suggestions, subconscious awareness, drifting.
Total Session Time: 30:04

Goddess Mona Blu

Goodie Bags!

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I have finally figured out how to create Goodie Bags! What a super fun idea…it’s basically this – I choose, you enjoy. How fun! Here are the two I have created:

Busty Goddess Worship Pack
2 Video Clips + A set of busty hypnotic selfies xoxo.

Obedience Program
1 Hour of audio sessions to enhance submissive trance.


Love Lace – Goddess Superiority

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A true Goddess Worship essential for the admirer of lacy, sheer and form fitting negligee and lingerie on a sultry and seductive Woman.

Visual hypnotic lure takes you to a deliciously secret boudoir, witnessing a mysterious enchantress doting on Her femininity. Alluring, elegant and classically intertwined with hypnotic word play, eroticism and eloquent subtle messaging. Intensive submissive character motivation is strongly suggestive.

An allure to lace and sheer materials should awaken within just a few sessions completed. Simply divine!

Total session time: 30 minutes

Keywords: Lace, adore, worship, luscious, stockings, dangling shoe, high heels, vanity, hopeless crush, stocking tops, witchy seductress, tight fitting shape wear, lingerie is magic, love spell, magic potion, enthralled with beauty, vulnerable crush, Goddess Worship, lacy nylon slip, slip into trance, Matriarchal power, sheer clingy slip, submissive lust, surreal seduction, intelligent, sheer, desire, irresistible, hopelessly infatuated.


Blue Velvet Lounge – 1 Hour of Trance

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Dual Sessions with 2 hours of Intensive HypnoErotica by MonaBlu

Perfect subliminal programming and sexy alluring  will captivate your mind – for My pleasure that is! Download Instantly and cum into My hypnotic Realm…1…2…3

There’s a sultry place called The Blue Velvet Lounge…where hypnotist and erotic Vixen Mona Blu tends to visit often. Come sit at My table, and drink this toxic sangria…it is the house special. Notice the pendant around My neck…visualize yourself driving in a stormy fall night…allow My voice to captivate your innermost hypnotic fantasy.

Includes 2 full length recordings, Velvet Lounge volume 1 and 2.

keywords: cleavage, erotic trance, erotic hypnosis, pendulum, sexy stranger, mind manipulation, mind warp, powerful Goddess, Mona Blu, seductive, sensual hypnosis, weak, rainy night, stormy hypnosis, adult hypnotic wishes, hypnotic wishes, hypnotic seduction, hypnotic silk blouse, hypnotic goddess, erotic hypnosis mistress, hypnotic induction, hypnotic orgasms, hypnotic pendulums, hypnotic control mistress, sheer see through blouse, countdown hypnosis, hypnotic tease