Dazzling Custom Recordings

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I have studio time scheduled for early next week to record. If you would like to get a custom session recorded (30 minutes, custom themes, 4 layers and your own personal masterpiece) please contact Me directly.


Greetings from Hypnotic Goddess Mona Blu

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening…and have taken appreciation of some of My Saturday Night Special packets that have gone out. If you have not noticed, I have been slowly re-releasing some of My archived curated libraries of mystical hypnotic recordings. You can browse the available mp3 downloadable files here. 

I am taking reservations for custom recordings – please contact Me directly for details.

I have re-released a few of My favorites this week:

Pillow Talk – Lucid Dream Control > View Description & Artwork
Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotic > View Description & Artwork
Wicked Woman : Mata Hari > View Description + FREE SAMPLE
Snake Charmer v1 + v2 > View Description & Artwork
Rubber Restriction Sensationalism > View + FREE SAMPLE
Lovely – Femme Conditioning > View Description
Forbidden Fruit > View Description & Artwork
Shamanista – Goddess Moon Collective > View PIC + Description
Submissive Surrender > View Description
small boi club > View Description
KINK > View Description
Femme Fatale > View Description
Scent of a Woman > View Description + PIC
Busty Bimbos > View Description & Artwork
Buxom – Busty Cuckold Erotica > View Description + PIC
Love Latex Fantasy > View Description

I do wish you an enchanted evening!

Mona Blu
Hypnotic Goddess Extraordinaire


Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotica Trance

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Robot Drone Hypnotic Erotica Trance. You have been programmed to Obey ./run/install


Robotic trance patterns begin. Installation coming soon. you are unable to move any limbs. you are calm. you are languid. you have been programmed to obey. And these words continue to beat down into your subconscious mind…over, and over and over again…into different facets of your mental acute awareness. Feel the dimension of My dominance and manifest into your conscious mind.

Robotic breathing pattern. Program complete. Systematic obedience achieved. Ideal for intermediate to advanced practitioners. Should be used in sequence following Close.r or any other Mona Blu hypnotic induction, however can be used as a stand alone deepener/trance as well.

Intended for mature male audiences.
Total session time: 30:30

keywords: robotic trance, erotic trance programming, erotic hypnosis, industrial, cool, shiny, reflective, computer generated trance, mind control, mild environment, general comfort, hypnotic erection, aura of calmness, ambiance, taking over, obedience programming, submissive trance, smooth trance, erotic hypnosis, rhythmic voice, antiseptic cool dominance, chill, relaxation, smooth word, numb, stillness, serenity, escapism, auto-erection, arousal    


Wicked Women…Oh the Wrath!

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Wicked Women…Oh the Wrath! Some say she is the quintessential exotic courtisan…you simply cannot resist. A spy, using Her seductive charms to gain access and obtain the most secret of secrets…the Mata Hari exposes why women, ultimately hold the most power. Come melt into this bewitching spell, I’ve created a little snippet of mind candy for you. Enjoy…and then purchase the full length recording from Me directly, or via the NiteFlirt network.

Mata Hari – Wicked Hypnotic Femme Spy Corrupts Your Mind. Free sample below.. or purchase now


Pillow Talk – Lucid Dream Sequencing

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Lucid dream programming, erotic dream visualization, and sleep relaxation sequencing. “With each breath you take, feel your body relaxing. With each moment that passes, feel your thoughts dripping…Conscious moments slip…drip right out of existence . My words embodying your ideas with meticulous consistence ” Pillow Talk Lucid Dream Sequencing fantasy.

Come, follow My voice into a realm that only you and I share. Deliciously crafted to put you into a erotic dream world, Mona Blu embeds sexy and alluring suggestions for erotic dream manifestations within your thoughts. Trigger words are sprinkled throughout the relaxing and mesmerizing conditioning sequence to allow for the ultimate climate for dream and sleep oriented orgasmic pleasure.

Includes 2 deepening full body relaxation sequencing, finger snapping, room spinning techniques and full body floating visualizations. Lucid dream programming is in full effect.

Total session time: 31 minutes.


Snake Charmer volumes 1 & 2 – HypnoErotica by Mona Blu 1 hour, 8 layers of trance erotica.

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Save $20! Seduced by a gorgeous Snake Charmer.She has the hypnotic allure to put you into such a subtle trance, that you may not even be aware of your state of mind until it is too late…”I am the vixen snake charmer and I can get you to come out from under your rock. You need not lurk any longer, you will not lurk any longer. Charmed, mesmerized and simply captivated…embrace your desire. Lust. Awareness and relaxation all begin to fuze within each other capturing variant shades of the sun and shadows…”

Snake Charmer Volume 1
Eroticism is fundamental in this deeply relaxing hypnosis session. Let go and follow My voice to an enchanting realm of infinite possibilities – including being seduced by a gorgeous Snake Charmer.

She has the hypnotic allure to put you into such a subtle trance, that you may not even be aware of your state of mind until it is too late…

Fantasy / fiction hypnosis includes the following topics: Hypnotic Induction, Staircase deepener, relaxation suggestions, multi-layer trance, tease, chastity, and finally, a psychologically implemented alternative ending.
total session time: 27 minutes

Snake Charmer Volume 2
“I am the vixen snake charmer and I can get you to come out from under your rock. You need not lurk any longer, you will not lurk any longer. Charmed, mesmerized and simply captivated…embrace your desire. Lust. Awareness and relaxation all begin to fuze within each other capturing variant shades of the sun and shadows…”

Snake Charmer v2 has finally come. The long anticipated finale of the Snake Charmer duo is now in it’s completion and ready for release. you only have one voice to follow, and that is Mine. Heavy dual overlapping vocal tracks with low levels of white noise and melodic background composition sets the tone of this deviantly erotic experience*.

This hypnotic journey includes a deepener sequence, repeat dulcet tonal fusion, highly suggestive language, triggers & post hypnotic suggestions.

Keywordserotic hypnosis, trance, denial, vixen, snake charmer, deeper, permission, mindless, empty, perfect harmony, bliss, subconscious learning.

*This session is intended for mature audiences only. Total session length: 27 minutes


Rubber Restriction Fetish

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Experience Rubber Restriction in it’s full length for optimal sensation. 

These days, we know it imperative to use condoms, for protection, for birth control, eliminate risk of certain diseases, but did you ever consider the sensation of a tightly fitted condom?

Imagine this scenario with me. A rigid, pungent condom, fitting tightly around a hard cock…the possibilities are endless. Rubber Restriction fetish introduces the pleasure… Perhaps you have forgotten, or perhaps it has been a very recent fantasy or reality that you have had with wearing a condom.

For some, it causes discomfort, and for others, perhaps have tapped into a fusion of kinky association with the constricting material creating some sort of disciplinary creation – where the man is simply not good enough to enter the Female Goddess without a coat.

And when you focus all of your energies into just concentrating and squeezing you can feel the power of your rock solid erection trying to explode out of the bulbous end of your penis as the swelling stretches all the tissues to an absolute bursting point.

Total session time: 32 minutes


Lovely – For Femmes, Trans and Girliebois

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“Lovely” $28.00


“Feel the soft, beautiful skin…embrace your femininity…” Sometimes we are burdened with hormone levels and hereditary genes that are bothersome or “in the way” of what we truly desire. Lovely is a healing, acceptance and positive awareness of self, and the ability to welcome change hypnotic session.”

Through trance relaxation & the power of positive acceptance, Lovely strives to bring about a simply Lovely state of mind. Short eye induction, relaxation deepener, hormone balancing suggestions, genetic disposition awareness, self acceptance, beauty and harmony all coexist within this truly soothing hypnotic experience.

Total session time: 26:56
For best results, use with headset.


Forbidden Fruit – Fantasy Trance Erotica

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Feel the lack of resistance. Feel the layers of deep irresistible trance…as you continue to sway, to the rhythm of the voice. Feel the wrath of this desire. Feel the layers consume you, with these thoughts.

THIS RECORDING IS GORGEOUS!!!! Oh my goodness, it is a beautifully crafted recording with fundamentals of just melting away and embracing the surrender to your fantasy. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FANTASY weakness is embraced and celebrated. Whatever your relaxing weakness is…you cannot resist.

Feel your mind fit comfortably within the circle…the same shape of forbidden fruit. And you reside…inside.

If you would like a direct link to purchase from Me directly, please contact Me directly.


The Goddess Moon Collective – Shamanista Audio Meditative Experience

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Shamanista- A New Recording in My upcoming collection The Goddess Moon Collective” that is now being created. It is only available on the Niteflirt network, OR contact me directly for a purchase order link and delivery personally. Please send tribute prior to requesting a personalized link, it makes things much more interesting 😉

Purchase on the NiteFlirt Network here:

Description: Time distortion, Goddess Worship and complete numbinous trance. Complete loss of control, tribal time distortion and subconscious submission to the Goddess casting this tribal spell, experience a complete body trance, as I slip MY voice into your unconscious mind, as you float in bliss. Guided affirmation to eliminate control issues, repetitive meditative surrender. Embrace submissive peace and learning into the higher self. Supreme subliminal submissive permissions granted. Tribal drumming and subliminal submissive conditioning with Mona Blu. Total time: 26:11