Erotic Hypnosis The Perfect Storm. Femdom Fantasy Hypnosis

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Erotic Hypnosis The Perfect Storm. Femdom Fantasy Hypnosis

The Perfect Storm… and I wonder if you can just imagine a dark cloud-like essence caressing the bottom of your foot and drifting up your calve. seductive and mysterious. and yet, you feel no inclination to resist this alluring effect…simply allow the essence to drift up…lazily and provocatively…moving slowly, methodically. The ideal listener of The Perfect Storm will be male, submissive and in a relationship with a significant other.

Using fantasy HLP (hypnotic language pattern), The Perfect Storm will take you under, cloud your vision, and dictate Mona Blu’s trigger words for both parties in your relationship.

Both women and men will submit to the trance. Results are positive affirmations within a submissive context. Relaxation, escapism and a surrender to fantasy is suggested for this session to be most effective. Not for the novice practitioner. Use caution when listening to this, or any hypnosis recording

Total Session Time: 29 minutes
Keywords: trance, submit, let go, rhythm of trance, languid, fluid, empty, mindless, subconscious, slave to hypnosis, hypnotized.

You Are Getting So Sleepy

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2 Full Length 30 minute Sleep Induced Hypnosis MP3 Recordings by Mona Blu. You are getting soooo very sleepy, so sleepy that all the sensual sounds you are hearing are all simply blurring into one long subliminal Ssssss sound… This session is a sleepy subliminal hypnotic experience focusing on the sleepy fetish, the simply seductive sound of Ssss and underlying erotic suggestions placated through the use of soporific hypnosis.

This is a two part series, with volume 1 including a deep visualization and induction with dual layering utilizing beautifully worded hypnosis and volume 2 exposing your suggestive state to deep and intensive subliminal programming by the beautiful Mona Blu.

Lust.Bot Electronic Hypnotic Lust Programming : RoboFantasy Sequence

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submission program v2.1 installation directives. increase submissive awareness. inhale repeat hypnotic suggestions.enter training capsule upon inhalation. upon entry, release inclination to resist. inhale acquiescensce. exhale resistance.” explores hypnotic programming with mild underlining seductive suggestions. Created as part of the Hardwired Series, touches on light android fetishism, submissive behavior modification, relaxation techniques and a dual full body intensive immobility process. Ideal for all levels of practitioners.

Conclusion is preluded by hypnotic forgetting and leaving memories within the trance.

Total session time: 30 minutes
keywords: lust, technosexual, robotic, heavy, immobility, installation, programming, submissive, behavior patterns, self improvement, Dominance/submission, rhythm, trance, breath, progressive behavior modification, forgetting

Mysterious Goddess – Melt with Me.

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With Enormous Mesmerizing Breasts….hard nipples, the Mysterious Goddess 2 – Intensive Hypnotic Fantasy with Mona Blu. Cum Melt with Me…give me your mind.

The more aroused you become, the more subdued you are…and the deeper into trance, the more aroused you become…

The erotically sensual journey continues as the Mysterious Goddess (part 1) comes home with you and shares with you Her “favorite” website. The trance begins as the arousal consumes you. The more aroused you become, the deeper into trance you slip….and the more hypnotized you become, the more aroused you are, until you simply cannot hide the physical tell-tale signs of being completely turned on! Includes post hypnotic suggestions in the realm of hypnotic orgasms.

Tags: arousal, Enchanted Harvest, erection, give up control, Goddess Worship, green eyes, hypnotic orgasm, Mona Blu’s Favorites, on your knees, powerless, Seduction,Strong Sexual Content, submissive, surrender, thoughts, worship