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About Last Night.

Last night I wore a lovely pair of blue suede shoes with a lovely blue dress. It reminded Me that I have not worn high heels in quite some time, and I do  miss it.

The best part, is that these shoes were so very comfortable and allowed me to socialize, dance, laugh and have a great time without My feet hurting. mpoo gifted them to Me, and I am now adding another black pair to My wishlist so that I can wear them out to My next event. I just noticed that there is only 2 pairs left in stock!!!! Arggghh!!! Someone please send these to Me…they bring out My inner vixen!!


Mata Hari & Tributes

A couple of things…
First off, Mata Hari is now available on Niteflirt. It is the full length recording.

Some say she is the quintessential exotic courtesan…you simply cannot resist. A spy, using Her seductive charms to gain access and obtain the most secret of secrets…the Mata Hari exposes why women, ultimately hold the most power.

Total session time 30 minutes
You can listen to the sample here:

You can purchase the recording through niteflirt here:

On to the next chapter…
For a little while, mpoo was making it a point to include tokens of devotion on a regular basis. You know, as a creative professional, sometimes all you have money for are the basics, so when you get tokens of devotion, they really help out improving the quality of your life. Putting a smile on My face makes Me feel amazing. You can also send tokens of appreciation, and usually I send a little gift back to show My pleasure by visiting My amazon wishlist. We call it a gift exchange or barter of sorts.

Here I am wearing a full fitness outfit that was a blessing and a tribute from him when he was making it a point to keep Me as a priority. It was rather fantastic. I have a mini video clip of My gym shoes that I will be posting on Niteflirt plus a copy of Sole Divine this evening. Be sure you follow Me on there.


With that being said, I am not quite sure what is going to happen to – there are some life changes happening, and I am not sure that it will make it through the storm. SO be sure to follow Me here, or join Me on for the time being.

Mata Hari

Secrets, Bimbos and Niteflirt

Good morning lovecats – Secrets, Bimbos and Niteflirt, oh my!

Do you like the “lovecats’ pet name? I am actually allergic to cats, even though I love watching videos of them on youtube lol. So maybe I should limit My use of lovecats for now? Hmmm.

Anyway, like I mentioned last week, I am back on Niteflirt and selling some of My more provocative recordings on there, as I am not quite sure what My next evolution of creation is, and to make sure that I continue to express My sexy creations, I’ve decided that the raunchier recordings will be over on that platform.

I am also going to be doing live calls on Fridays and MAYBE on Thursdays.

Anyway, here is a little bimbo recording that I made that is available on the niteflirt platform. It was created and inspired by one of My personal pets – he (or she) has quite an imagination! If you would like to create a custom recording, be sure to contact Me directly.

Wow the love poured in over the weekend…I guess you missed Me as much as I missed you. It’s definitely a wonderful feeling when that happens. I’ve been inspired to write again, and recorded a new Zen Positive recording, which is focused moreso on meditation, healing and progressive overall well being of self and soul. If you want to purchase this upcoming recording,  be sure to subscribe to My newsletter as I am sending out weekly notifications of new trance experiences.

Erotic Hypnotic Fantasy Trance Goddess Mona Blu

With the Goddess book that bobcat sent, my workout gear that Isa sent, and a handful of bathing suits that F sent, this week will be truly inspirationally motivated. I am staying nourished with the vitamix that mpoo sent, but alas, I have run out of my beloved Shakes. I have more posted here on My wishlist. Do you see the peek-a-boo Goddess Necklace that mpoo sent?? it’s stunning, and glimmers quietly in the background. I also am out of My skincare package that he sent, but have added more to My wishlist, so if you wish to contribute to My beauty regimine, I adore it. 

“The idea that women are innately gentle is a fantasy, and a historically recent one. Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, is depicted as wreathed in male human skulls; the cruel entertainments of the Romans drew audiences as female as they were male; Boudicca led her British troops bloodily into battle.”

My mediation is focused on Woman Warrior mode this week. Let’s see what SHE creates. 

Well, this year has been a complete challenge for Me. So muchso that I have decided to return to hypnotic trance art full time again, as I am in dire need of meditation, peace, tranquility and progression. As you know, for the last year and a half, I have been battling horribly painful dental issues, which caused sinus issues and that prevented Me from being able to record much, as My voice was affected.

# Leggings and Gifts and Me

I finally had healed around a month ago, and then My precious dog Cha Cha passed away, and that landed Me into a pretty sad place. I really miss him. If any of you ever had the chance to do any live calls with Me, you may have heard him snoring peacefully in the background, or perhaps you saw him in the background on some of My photos. Rest in peace My sweet little angel, I truly do miss him.



And so, I return to My realm of peace and zen and begin to look to progressive healing through trance. I have had some lovely tributes being sent during the hard times, and I REALLY do appreciate the tokens of devotion, you who contributed showed love and healing and it indeed improved My day and quality of life. I appreciate you, and you know exactly who you are. I have returned to Niteflirt and you can find Me here, and you can always send trinkets of adoration here and listen to free samples here. And if you are on My mailing list, you just received a huge coupon for half off of your purchase at so please check your emails and enjoy.

Look for new updates and daily blogs, as this will be My healing outlet, and My place of meditation and healing. I do appreciate every single one of you, and look forward to more intimate interactions. And thank you especially for all the technological upgrades, I now have a nice phone to create some video recordings on.

I do wish you an enchanted evening!

Mona Blu

Erotic artist and writer Mona Blu is located in Los Angeles, California. With a love for deep mysticism, romantic and alternative variations of visual and audio art, I am pleased to bring you a small selection of some of my art in forms of written, visual and audio alternative erotica and alluring visual practices.

I indulge in the relaxation of the mind and senses to allow for a deeper consciousness to naturally happen, while providing an environment of meditative fantasy, hypnotic fiction and overall relaxation and wellness by provoking thought, mysticism, allure and seduction. I do hope you enjoy this platform! xoxo Mona Blu.

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